Donna DiStefano LCSW, LCADC • Highland Park, NJ



My Approach to Addictions, Drug and Alcohol use

People develop interesting relationships through life and one of these relationships is sometimes developed between alcohol and other illicit or prescription drugs.  If you or a family member is concerned about your drug use and you are willing to talk, we can explore this relationship.  I utilize various non 12 step approaches for building motivation, problem solve and provide support.  Although I often refer to and am familiar with 12 step groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous which have helped many people, they are not the right fit for everyone.

Perhaps you are not ready to stop quite yet but are willing to come in and talk in a safe and confidential place.   Perhaps you are thinking about cutting back or changing some behaviors or even stopping.    We can talk about what this would entail and how you can go about this.

Perhaps you have already attempted to stop or cut back.  It is great if you have been trying and want to deal with your drug use.  Relapses and setbacks realistically occur and if this has happened to you then we can explore your motivational factors as well as look for other ways to achieve your goals successfully. 

Sometimes people in recovery find interest in therapy to address other issues that they notice now that the distraction of their drug use is no longer present. 

I have worked with individuals in all of these places and we can start where you are along this path.  You may realize more and more reasons to address your habits as addictions effect so many aspects of life.