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Group Counseling Programs

These short-term groups help clients learn and grow via social connections and authentic interactions. The group is a valuable supportive medium where clients gain relationship skills, learn to tend to their own feelings and get feedback on interactions. The groups are strength-based and are designed to be accessible.


  • Girl Talk

    Adolescent Girls (ages 15-18)

    This group provides a safe and supportive atmosphere for girls to learn about themselves via social connections and feedback. It encouranges healthy goals, activities, decision making, and interactions in personal relationships. Based on Girls Circle, we will be talking, creating artwork, brainstorming, and other expressive activities to help participants understand experiences and how they want to be in the world. Emphasis on the elements needed for trusting and comfortable relationships among girls within the group. Girls can then receive and provide support for stress and difficult situations they encounter.


    • Gain new social skills
    • Assertiveness/ communication skills
    • Increase self-esteem and explore body image
    • Cope with social pressures and influences
    • Identify positive feminine ways for girls to care for and tune into their body, mind and spirituality
    • Drug and alcohol prevention
    • Understand feelings of anxiety and depression in relation to social experiences
    • Gain decision-making and communication skills
    • Identify and support healthy interests and activities for a healthy and balanced life style
    • Identify feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and frustration.

  • TreesFinding the Way Through Recovery

    Adult Recovery Group
    (Men & Women, age 18+)

    This group will...

    • support and enhance motivation in recovery.
    • provide feedback for educational, career and relationship goals.
    • focus on building comfortable relationships and a place to support your unique issues and goals. These range from issues that come up upon reaching stability to addressing relapse concerns.
    • provide special consideration to women's issues, relationship and sexuality (including LGBQT) experiences and obstacles.
    • introduce mindfullness skills.

    The group will focus on beliefs and experiences such as spirituality, including individuals' feelings of separateness or not identifying with a higher power, as well as individuals who have built their spirituality around The 12 Steps.


    • Relapse Prevention
    • Support for life transitions (college or career, etc.)
    • Relationship support
    • Feedback on communication skills and assertiveness
    • Explore healthy lifestyles (self care, eating right, smoking cessation, mind/body connection, spirituality, etc.)
    • Promote understanding of individuation and identity issues
    • Increase coping skills for feelings of depression, anxiety, stress management and other early recovery/wellness issues.

Fee: clients can use out-of-network insurance benefits if available; sliding scale available

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