Donna DiStefano LCSW, LCADC • Highland Park, NJ



How to start therapy

Step 1: 

Call me at (732) 266-5154 or email to set up a time to talk. 
We will take 5-10 minutes to discuss what you are going through and your situation. 

There is no charge for the initial consultation.

We will identify what your needs are and whether it is a good idea to meet and give therapy a try.  If you have some questions about therapy, I can also try to answer them for you. 

Step 2: 

Come in for a biopsychosocial evaluation.

This is a thorough evaluation of your current symptoms, situation and problems.  I will also get background information on your family history and significant life experiences. I will tell you my view of your problems and how we can move forward and help you.  This will include what I can offer you in regards to availability, support and investment in your growth as well your time and emotional commitment and commitment

Step 3:

Ask any questions about me, my background and express your concerns.

Most people are uncertain of what therapy is or might have their own ideas of what it is. I am interested in your concerns or speculations. 

Choosing to enter therapy with the right therapist can and should have life changing results.  I believe the type of work and outcomes you are able to achieve in therapy has a lot to do with finding the right fit.  You need to get an idea of who I am. 



Upon contacting me, please ask about my fees as I am happy to discuss what your costs will be and any concerns around them.  The first session is billed as an Initial Evaluation (takes 1 hour or more).  After the first session, 45 minute sessions are a norm but there are times when individuals have a need for shorter or longer sessions.


There is flexibility in the fee if there are extenuating circumstances which we can discuss in person.