Donna DiStefano LCSW, LCADC • Highland Park, NJ



Feeling unenthusiastic and uninterested?

If you are feeling unenthusiastic and uninterested in life and/or the people around you, you may be wondering why you are experiencing this right now. People with this experience along with the following difficulties are considered as suffering from depression:

  • Difficulty sleeping or wanting to sleep all the time
  • Crying often
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating

Nervous? Anxious? Can't focus?

Maybe you feel nervous and anxious or can't escape your thoughts enough to focus and approach your personal, educational, career and financial needs. This experience and/or these difficulties are considered to be suffering from anxiety:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Panic attacks and/or avoiding activities, social or other situations
  • Feeling irrationally fearful
  • Excessive worry and/or uncontrollable thoughts

Having difficulty managing life's changes?

Sometimes people don't know what to do when jobs, relationships or other circumstances change. This can be very unsettling and scary. Perhaps the things you have always relied upon or thought to be "Real" change or come in to question. Although this can feel like an isolated experience you are going through, it is not so rare and there is help. I have assisted people through these and other difficulties in their lives.

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